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Digital Signature Certificate

We provide Digital Signature Certificates of Class-2, Class-3 & DGFT from e-Mudhra Ltd. Digital Signature Certificates use for various purposes kind of e-Tendering, e-Filing of ITR , e-Filing of ROC & MCA, DGFT , Provident Fund Transfer, e-Filing of Documents of Custom & Excise, e-Procurement, Net Banking & many more. We have dedicated team of experienced members for pre and post sale support and services. We are also leader in providing USB Tokens for Digital Signature Certificates, PKI Solutions and SSL Certificates. We provide Proxkey, ePass 2003 USB Tokens at affordable prices.
We are a leading renowned name in field of Digital Signature Certificates since 2010. We are a Registration Authority (RA) of e-Mudhra LTD to serve Digital Signature Certificates. Our clients are Chartered Accountants, Companies, Individual, Banks, CS, Advocates, SMEs.


"eMudhra Consumer Services Limited is a licensed Certifying Authority under the Information Technology Act of India issuing digital signature certificates in India since 2008."

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Trusted by Thousand of Users
Attractive Rates
Fast and secure
Easy Procurement of DSC
Authentication over web
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We welcome you to join us as a partner and issue digital signatures of 'eMudhra - the leading certifying authority in India' from your office.

Types of Digital Signature Certificate

Individual (Class- II & III)

Class 2 DSC is used for Income Tax Returns e-filing, MCA 21 & ROC, LLP, TDS Certificates, VAT Returns & PF Claims.

Organization (Class -III)

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate provides the highest level of assurance or trust within the RCAI hierarchy setup of CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities) in India. This is mainly used for e tendering and e procurement.


Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT is a type of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, required to Importers- Exporters to communicate with DGFT Website for various purposes.

"We are providing FIPS Certified Tokens. Watch data –Proxkey & ePass 2003."


General Information for Digital Signature Certificate

  • 1. Video Verification Compulsory for Class-3 Digital Signature Certificate.
  • 2. The supporting documents should be attested by either one of Gazetted Officer/Bank Manager/Post Master.
  • 3. Attesting Officer should be quoting their office number, name, etc along with attestation.
  • 4. Mobile Number of the applicant is mandatory in application form, and should be unique for each applicant.
  • 5. The signature of the applicant, on the application form should be in blue ink only
  • 6. Organizational applicants should submit all supporting documents as prescribed in new application form.
  • 7. Foreign applicants document attestation should be either by their native country embassy, or apostilization/consularization made in their native country.
  • 8. Aadhaar eKYC based application mechanism, to apply paperless for Individual DSCs.
  • CCA has published detailed FAQs on new guidelines, as a part of Identity Verification Guidelines - Annexure. Please visit www.cca.gov.in
  • PAN card copy mandatory for DSC
  • Application form and documents should be self attested.
  • All Utilities Bills and Bank Statement should not be older than 3 months


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